For those who would like to sense the history of the caribean island through its authentic flavour.

Cuban brands



Pilon gourmet


Gaviña Old Havana Espresso

Supremo Bustelo


Le Cafe Cubano


La Llave

Mayorga Organic Decaf Café Cubano Roast


Top 3 Cuban Coffees

Did you know?

Humans are not the only species that are attracted to coffeine. Bees also love the caffeine contained in the nectar of the coffee flower’s.

A study published in the Journal Science, conducted by Geraldine Wright, a professor of Entomology at Oxford University, and collaborators, shows that caffeine appears to have a secondary advantage, attracting honeybees and enhancing their long-term memory.

Researchers have shown that these magnificent pollinators, are able to remember the smell of a specific flower after fed with caffeine. Sarah Arnold, and collaborators from the Natural Resources Institute(NRI) of the University of Greenwich and   NIAB EMR, a horticultural research organization in the UK  said that bees seem to be more motivated and efficient when you give them caffeine. Furthermore, they observed that caffeine slightly improved speed and the number of flowers they visited over time. 

Change your mood, with a cup of Cuban coffe

Jane Miller