There is not better treat for a friendly afternoon visit that a delicious Costa Rican coffee

Costa Rican brands

Dark Costa Rican Tarrazu

Costa Rican Tarrazu

Peaberry Coffee, Whole Bean

Cafe 1820

Wine Barrel Aged Whole Coffee Bean

Nabob Costa Rica Whole Bean Coffee

Green Mountain Costa Rica Paraiso

Britt Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee

Top 5 Costa Rican Coffees

Did you know?

Espresso is a preparation method for brewing coffee and has its origins in Italy. The process consists in forcing hot water (aprox. at 90 ) through ground compacted coffee to obtain a very concentrated brew. As result, the caffeine ratio is way higher than most coffee drinks.

Espresso is commonly served in a 25-30ml cup which contains approximately 65-70mg of caffeine per serving. However, a 240ml Espresso might contain 20-25% more caffeine than a regular coffee beverage served in the same volume mug. What makes Espresso so special is the strong perception of the coffee body through the mouth. Thanks to the small oil drops obtained during the three dispersed phases of the brewing process, the drink conserves most of its aromatic compounds that can be missed in other typical coffee receipts.

The belief that espresso is associated to a way that the beans are roasted or blended is a misconception. Any bean can be processed and prepared to deliver an Espresso. However, a particular roast level might be chosen to obtain a preferred result.