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Where our brands come from?


Colombian coffee is produced in a vast region up north of the country. More than 60.000 producers work intensively to take advantage of the Seasons, so the coffee is then harvested in October and November, at the end of the wet season. The Colombian Arabica exhibit a unique aroma, medium-high body and citric acidity so the world is pleased with one of the best Latin American beans of its kind.


More than 90% of Cuban coffe is grown in the Sierra Maestra mountains located in the province of Oriente. October and November are the favorite months for harvesting. The country produces both Arabica and Robusta beans and production has been declining since 1959 due famers' poor incentive and the lack of resources from a very deteriorated economy. Its authentic blend, strong, sweet flavour and thicker texture make it one of the most captivated coffes in Latin america.

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Costa Rica

Farmers rely in a short term winter season and the altitude to produce one of the finest coffees in the world. Its sweet and fruitty test cativate the paladar of millions of people worlwide. The classic costarican coffee is well known as "aguas medias" or "chcok water".

“If there is something better that one cup of coffee is two cups of coffee.”

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You get to experience the character and tradition of a country through our flavours.

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